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reagans real estate profile

david reagan...

has worked successfully in the real estate industry as a sales representative for over 30 years working in both large and small real estate offices.
He has established a solid reputation for achieving exceptional outcomes. He is skilled in negotiating agreements where everyone involved is satisfied with the outcome. He has a remarkably high rate of repeat business and referrals.
With the confidence gained from his extensive experience, with the strong client base developed during those years and with a commitment and focus to provide an energetic and absolutely personal service, David opened his own business, REAGANS REAL ESTATE in 2008.
REAGANS REAL ESTATE moved into a new office in August 2014.  Reagans Real Estate continues to be a boutique real estate company able to provide a professional and responsive service. The energy is put into:

  • promoting properties
  • meeting people face-to-face
  • getting out and about in the suburb
  • greater flexibility with fees
  • developing long-term professional relationships
  • achieving excellent real estate outcomes


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